It is, isn't it? Confusing. It's confusing for so many people out there doing their best to take care of their health, and I wholeheartedly empathize. We are all bombarded with nutritional advice and trends everywhere we look. I've spoken with so many that shrug or throw their arms into the air, and proclaim defeat. People wonder what they should believe. First they hear that something is good for them, and then the same thing gets dissed on the next week. It is unfortunate, because it causes nutrition to look quite quasi-scientific.

Ah, but never fear. There are answers. Now, I'm not a Registered Dietician, nor even a great cook. I am, however, educated in Nutrition (I'll give it a big 'N'). I earned a Master of Science degree in Nutrition. So, what does that mean? It means that I have a passionate interest in the chemistry of food and its effects on our physiology in biochemical terms. My nursing background also allows me to understand all of this in the context of the prevention and/or progression of disease. Does that mean I can help you wrap your head around all of the information that is to be found? The answer is, yes, to a large extent. Biochemistry provides us with plenty of answers since we understand biology at the cellular level in the human body. Also, since we are able to break down and research the components of food, we are helped in our understanding. 

In essence, I am a community health educator, and I love to debunk fads for the general public. Just don't ask me to cook for you, and we're good.

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