The Enemy Within. Commitment versus confidence

If you listen closely to people, you will hear them say that they would commit to certain endeavors if/when they feel a certain amount of confidence to ensure some success.

I find this quite ironic. Granted, from the principles of mental toughness and success, both are important. 

Yet, when we begin with issues of confidence, we run the risk of never feeling confident enough. Confidence is full of excuses, and it is greatly influenced by the ebb and flow of life. The caveat being that we may never feel confident enough, for all you perfectionists out there.

Lean in, and listen up. Let's take it a little deeper. 
Consider that minor inch-shift in mentality

Ultimately, confidence is a function of what?

Ultimately, confidence runs the danger of being the function of Ego. When leading an endeavor, ego is that false self that measures 'good enough', 'better than', 'measures of success'. If this is the starting point, I can guarantee y'all that it will lead wayside.
Why? Simply because too many of our ideas revolving around these issues are tainted by our blind spots of conditioning and self-esteem. Confidence is a buzz word in our Western societies.

So, is confidence vital in maintaining endurance? Of course it is, when placed and used correctly. But it cannot be the starting point in daring to take those first steps.

We have a term in martial arts and in Chinese martial arts, we talk about 'Yi' (loosely translated as intent) or Yi-zhi, meaning will and intention. 
Just for a moment, view this concept as another way to express commitment. 

When we open our minds and commit to anything, we override a large aspect of our confidence issues. We decide. We intend. We decide to make something happen, and that will mean learning and adjustments along the way. Yes, we need a certain amount of confidence to keep at it, but nothing can stop a strong intent, willpower, commitment. 
It means the commitment to say, "This is what I am going to do, and I will figure it out".

As we take those steps of small successes, confidence is built lending fuel to take it to a greater level. 

Tell Ego to step aside, and commit.

I don't care what it is. You decide:

A career endeavor
A health goal
A fitness goal
A team goal. Work, friendships, relationships, or athletics.
A personal development goal
A crises, health or otherwise in life

When the commitment is made cultivate an open mind to remain aware and receptive to opportunities that lead to steps of success. It is a much more efficient way to succeed. If we focus too heavily on our confidence issues, we remain stuck there. 

If you're a team player at work or otherwise, commitment to the highest objective takes the ego out of the way, abolishing selfishness and lends loyalty to win.

The greatest fuel combined with commitment? We'll cover that soon in a future post.

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Stay safe and warm wishes,
Tamera Daun

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