Baseline Health


"The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses in the body." -Harry J Johnsen-

Baseline health, or let's call it baseline energy.

It's that time again. Time for the post-winter blues, or should we just call it post-winter trauma. The sun glimpses, Spring is springing, and although we can feel a psychological lift, a few bodies out there are lagging. Lagging after being hunkered down for the winter, darkness looming outside the window. 

I've lost count. Lost count of the number of people that have expressed tiredness lately, and not everyone has skipped their workouts this winter. 

My experience is that usually some circumstance presents itself and brings this awareness to the forefront. It may be a couple days away from kids, the calm after the busy holiday season catapulted into a busy new working year, the waning flu and cold season, whatever it may be. 

Is feeling tired a serious problem? No, but it is worth your attention if you can't get it solved within a day or two of doing what works for you. 

If you can't seem to get back on track, it may be the cumulative effect of long-term wear and tear. It probably means that it didn't take a day or a week to reach that point. It also means that you should go through a mental checklist of your life recently, and implement a few corrections.

It's an important signal as to how well we have cared for ourselves through a long Autumn and winter, maybe even for years. We send our bodies through highs and lows, expecting balance. 

Yet, balance is the result of a conscious effort we must be mindful of at all times. In order to do that, we need to listen carefully to the signals our minds and bodies provide, continuously and ever-changing.

My response lately to the low-energy levels around me has become a simple, 'This is your current baseline. What is your body telling you? What does it need right now?". 

If you've reached the point of feeling somewhat chronically exhausted, the following suggestions can help you get back on track.

Early Spring is a time to 'lighten' from the heaviness of winter. Our senses and minds become burdened by the darkness of winter; and for some, cold dreary weather. Our bodies become burdened by heavier, yet warming winter foods. Our immune systems become more vulnerable to stressors.

Lighten your entire self; physically, mentally/emotionally, also your home environment. If you feel your baseline energy level is low, start with the small things.

Remember important cornerstones of health and wellness when checking yourself:
*Stress management
*Nutrition and diet
*Physical movement
*Mental and emotional well-being
*Disease prevention and cures
*Happiness, the experience of wellness
*Environment and relationships. Also, current employment. 

Examples? Be creative and find things that work for you. You'll find tips all over the Internet, but the best ones are those that give you a good gut feeling, so go with your instinct. When you do this, you learn something about yourself, and your current life phase. 

*Get some fresh air, move a little or a lot! Stretch, get your circulation pumping, strengthen your muscles.

*Clear out a few cupboards and drawers. Change things up at home. Get to-do worries out of your head, and put them on paper as to-do lists. 

*Lighten your nutrition. Be mindful of the nutrient cornerstones that your body can utilize effectively, and always remember your fluid intake. Invest in yourself and contact a nutrition professional if you feel it is needed, or you wish to gain more knowledge. 

Nutrients are your fuel, so give your gut things it knows how to break down, absorb and use for vital physiological processes.

*Go to bed a little earlier. Even if you can't sleep, you are still moving yourself into a resting state.

*Meditate, visualize your future dreams, listen to your favorite music, or anything that opens your mind to your potential.

*Seek conversations with people that stimulate you, lift you up and inspire you. Be around people that believe in you, care about your highest good, and want to see you thriving and happy. Sometimes you may even need a break from the negativity around you in order to clearly see 'who is who' in your life.

*Create good structure through daily routines, without locking yourself too rigidly.

*Dare to be an introvert, one day each week. Spend time or a few hours in your own company.

*Evaluate your current employment and how you feel about it. How do you feel you can continue to develop and grow where you are, or is there something else you would rather do?

*Spend quality time with your romantic interest/partner or spouse, void of phones and distractions. Reconnect. Get out of the house and do something new neither of you have tried before. You're a TEAM, so look at it as team-building, and find laughter together in doing so. Cook together, take a walk together, create a goal to achieve together. Whatever it may be, let it be something that reminds you that you're both on the same side in life. Life can be brutal, so have each other's backs through encouragement and support.

We all know these things. It's just that we need to keep reminding each other how important they are. If we were consistent in raising and maintaining that base level, we wouldn't need the reminders. And that's okay. We're all in this crazy life together, and although we all have good intentions, we need implementation nudges.

Get the momentum rolling, and enjoy your Spring season!

Stay safe and warm wishes,
Tamera Daun


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