About Me

My name is Tamera Daun

What do I do?
I coach, I teach, I educate, I advise.
I've worked with clients, students, couples, and groups.

I've consulted and taught in both Norway and the United States, and Pentad's newsletters and e-books have traveled around the globe since 2002. I am also extremely enthusiastic about community health education, and natural health issues.

I'm a Registered Nurse (Norway) with 20 years experience, a Master of Science degree in Nutrition, and one year of doctoral work in Health Education completed. I have a degree in Social and Group Learning, and hold a BA (from the U.S.).

Outside of my background in traditional academics:

I have 10 years continued education within personal development modules, and am an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher. Also, certified in the NADA Method, which is ear acupuncture for stress-reduction and detox.

As a martial artist, I was privileged to compete for the U.S. in China 2009 in Chen Taijiquan (kungfu). Aside from the competitive nature of Chen Taijiquan as a traditional martial art, it can be practiced and utilized as a tool to greater and deeper mental control through disciplined practice for both active athletes and high-performance individuals. It is also beneficial for attention deficiency challenges, not to mention a path to increased health for all age groups as it can be accordingly adjusted. It is high-level mental training with consistent and life altering effects through structured physical movement and sensitivity training. 

Know and master your mind to achieve greater heights in all arenas of your life

Throughout my nursing career, I was always more engaged in those aspects that promote health and wellness, rather than subjects of illness. At any given time we relate within our environment on all levels. It can feel tricky as we seek to heal, grow, and therefore, simplify life toward a greater satisfaction. Furthermore, recognized is the fact that the cornerstones that constitute our health in its entirety, are many. 

As a cornerstone of that journey, I delved into the dynamic depths of relationships as a vital component of our overall health. In 2004, I published a book written to enable and open women to greater understanding of their own development in their intimate relationships. The book hosts a pragmatic approach, and well-established theory. It has been used in personal development seminars, and coaching consultations. The contents of this workbook cannot be claimed revolutionary. The intention was rather to prioritize the focus of development. In other words, to help women back on track in their own lives, thus allowing rediscovered happiness to 'overfloweth from a cup filled' to where it may. 
Considerable time was also spent helping couples plan and initiate goals in their relationships as a focused channel to renewed cooperation. In addition, I have had the pleasure of providing commentary work for the media, from Norway to Dubai, regarding relationships.
Twenty years of energy and time have been utilized to educate and train myself. So, if there's anything I know how to do, any knowledge I have that may benefit someone else on their own journey, I am happy to help.

Sometimes all we need is a little additional knowledge. At other times; guidance, or coaching.

When we know better, we do better.

Stay safe and warm wishes,
Tamera Daun
RN, MS, Consultant and Mental training advisor