The myth of coconut oil bliss

Finally. It took a Harvard professor to send it viral, but we finally have the discussion on the table, once more. The rest of us who have been plugging the same information can relax, and take a deep breath. 

Balance is key, folks. It doesn't mean, 'never' use coconut oil ever again. It means acquire knowledge about the chemistry of it before delving in, especially where fat quality and its longterm effect on your physiology are concerned. Yes, proponents have been wading in coconut excess.

I'm just going to drop the link to the article here, as it articulates the essence quite well. Before doing so, however, I will drop this:

"Proponents of coconut oil say that its saturated fats are mainly medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). 'MCTs tend to be used for energy in the body, with less being stored as fats,' says Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, creator of the Ditch the Diet Challenge. On the other hand, long-chain fatty acids are the ones that tend to increase unhealthy levels of cholesterol. However, 'only about 15 percent of the fat in coconut oil is from true MCTs—so most of the MCTs in coconut oil act just like other saturated fats,' she explained. That means coconut oil isn’t an exception like many believe.  
-Prevention Magazine-

Take a look at the article for yourself:

So is coconut oil good for you, or what?

Stay safe and warm wishes,
Tamera Daun

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