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Good morning!

Personal development is one of my all-time favorite subjects. No matter which subject we focus on in the health and wellness game, the realization always hits home that we 'get nowhere' unless we are mindful of our development. Unless we dare to greet our fears, passions, mental blocks and habits; we run the risk of running circles around ourselves. We are never too grown-up, nor too wise to stop thinking about ourselves in terms of development.

That is, until we reach the 85+ age group. At that point we get to do and say whatever the heck we wish. At that point, if it's your prerogative to change your mind every ten minutes and shut your ears for the sole purpose of stubbornness, then go swing that branch, Baby.

Getting to know ourselves and consciously working on development in order to apply that knowledge in our lives is exciting! It is exciting and relevant at each and every stage on our life paths, and boy do we ever go through a crapload of phases. Just when we think we have it down, and put together...

Yeah, that's about the time things sometimes fall apart, and it can feel as though it happens to test us. It's then we need reminders of what we already know, and we utilize our entire networks to help ourselves. We consult with family, and friends. We even Google our deepest woes out of a need to refocus, get back on track, 'land', 'ground', or a hundred other ways in which we describe it. The Web flourishes with sites about personal development, inspirational messages, happiness and wellness.

Life happens. Life is busy, and it takes a Zen hero to remain forever vigilant.

And, that's okay in my book. It is a matter of mindfulness. It's a matter of conditioning ourselves to return 'home' to our introspectional work. We need the reminders. We search for them. In fact, we crave them. As humans we constantly strive to create meaningful outcomes. In our humanness, we sometimes need support and help to feel inspired. We need sign posts and arrows that point, "this way". We need the confirmation of what we feel to be true in our endeavors. We need to feel human. Our inner beings tug at our minds through remembrance.

It is a beautiful aspect of our human nature.

We are now transitioning into a new Autumn. It is a gorgeous season in its Yin state. It beckons us home. It harvests, nurtures, and invites us to slow down, and contemplate. It signals that it's okay to just 'be', and to gather energy.

Use all the reminders you come across during these Autumn months, and wherever you may find them. Allow them to lull and soothe you back to the calmness of your core being. There you will find that state of bliss, void of busy-ness and worry. Take notice of thoughts and reflection that pop to mind in that state. Build a close network of like-minded individuals. Delve into conversations about the deeper subjects as a welcomed break from modern life stress. Exposing our fears, hopes, and dreams is a matter of habit.

As one person's process triggers the process in another, the cycles of development spin more quickly in collective effort, than alone.

Nurture yourself, and nurture each other.  
Happy Autumn 2018!

Stay safe and warm wishes,

Tamera Daun

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