Oregano Miracle


Behold the wonders of oregano oil of which so many attest. It has long been the secret to nipping a developing cold in the bud and for warding off fevers, but did you know that research has uncovered its potential effects in combating Norovirus? 

Researchers from the University of Arizona have been testing carvacrol, which is the compound responsible for the smell and taste of oregano. It would seem that carvacrol is capable of breaking down the outer protein layer of norovirus, which would allow other antimicrobials to enter the virus, and destroy it. Up until now chlorine bleach has been one of the few substances known for killing off norovirus infected areas. Further research in the area is needed; however, the preliminaries are promising. 

Tip of the day: If you are considering keeping oregano oil capsules on hand for developing colds/fevers, remember to consume them with food as they can be a little rough on the stomach.   

Stay safe and warm wishes,
Tamera Daun

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